Purchasing Options

We offer flexible purchasing options for our customers, specifically "leasing", "trade in" and "buy outright" options. For further information please see below or contact us directly via the "Contact Us" tab on the top menu.

Tronics Labeller

Purchasing options

When you buy from Tronics, you get a quality machine, built locally by an engineering team with almost 40 years experience in the industry. A locally bought Tronics labeller equals peace of mind for your business for the life of your machine.


Unlike many other machinery sellers we offer competitive trade-ins for our machines. We can break them down into parts so they are worth something to us, which reduces your purchase cost.


Our customised leasing and renting options eliminate the need for bulky single purchases and reduce them to manageable and competitive monthly payments.

Buy Outright

We can, of course, sell to you under an outright purchase and can arrange finance. Contact us today to talk about getting a new machine into your business.

Ask us about the purchase options we have on on offer.