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Twist Blocks

The Morrison Twist Block is an inverting solution designed to flip containers from one side to the other within a UHMW plastic block that mounts to your conveyor. This backlog fed system is a great solution for rigid and semi-rigid containers on your packaging line. It can be retrofitted to your existing mounting to replace blocks already on your line, or we can upgrade your system to our clamp mounting option.

These backlog fed blocks can run at a variety of speeds and are great for the following applications:

  1. code dating
  2. rinsing
  3. inspection
  4. cap sterilization
  5. pack pattern creation
  6. reducing backpressure
  7. orienting
  8. and more!

Benefits of Installing Our Container Inverting Blocks

Reduced Footprint

Standard models range between 12 to 18 inches.


If standard models do not work for you, we can custom design a block to help you maximize production.

Easy to Clean

Our design features minimal parts, making it easier to take apart and clean compared to other products on the market.

Simple Mounting

Light weight and easy to maneuver, this block features quick change clamps, making changeover and cleaning simpler.

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