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Timing Screws

Split second accuracy in container handling is critical to success, which makes timing screws one of the most important elements on any packaging line.

Timing screws (or feed screws) are designed to maximize performance. With a properly functioning timing screw, you can optimize efficiency, increase productivity, and grow your bottom line. The alternative is also true if these control elements aren’t working at 100%; neither equipment nor production will perform. That’s why here at Morrison we design our solutions around your needs. We use advanced timing screw technology to provide you with unparalleled line efficiency. At its core, the timing screw is designed to provide a smooth flow of containers into packaging equipment machines.

However, thanks to innovative technology and industry advancements, timing screws have become more sophisticated than feeding containers into packaging machines. They have become smart, adaptable, and high-functioning aspects of any handling solution.

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Morrison timing screws are designed to understand
the intent of the packaging application

Some manufacturers may just manufacture your screw to print, but we’ll be a partner: identifying the unique container handling problem you’re facing and engineering a screw that will solve it effectively with what is upstream and downstream of the screw.

We design screws that tackle the following applications:

  1. Feeding
  2. Turning
  3. Grouping
  4. Inverting
  5. Combining
  6. Transfer Screws
  7. Dividing
  8. Orienting

Why Make Morrison Your Stop for Timing Screws?

Also known as feed screws and scrolls, move your container for a variety of applications. They can meter, feed, group, turn, combine, divide and more and produce the proper pitch for the downstream application. Their repeatability allows them to be adaptable and flexible for many packaging processes.

Quick Change Timing Screws

Design that allows the operators to change timing screws without tools, also referred to as “tool-less.”  This approach is common when a production lines runs multiple size containers and require different screws.

Customized Timing Screws

Parameters that make a timing screw custom could be: material type, length, size, specifications, designed/machined for containers not normally associated with timing screws, etc.

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Why make the production line process harder? Our color-coded timing screws allow for quick, easy changes. Any downtime in production costs you money. With color-coded timing screws, you can reduce time spent changing timing screws between production runs. We have numerous colours available as well as the ability to order custom colours.

Worry-Free Maintenance Services

Our customer support a step above the rest. Morrison provides you with the most dedicated customer service in the industry. We’ll work with you far beyond the initial design and manufacturing stages in order to meet your specific needs. Our highly-trained engineers have the ability to assist with on-site issues, evaluate and meet all your system requirements, and troubleshoot a solution. With Morrison, you’re getting a lifetime of service for continual improvement on your system efficiency.

For all of your container handling systems needs, Morrison has a sophisticated understanding of timing screw technology that will offer you greater production time and line efficiency.

Contact us today to request a quote or to find out more about our timing screws for container handling systems. Timing screws are truly critical elements for the control of rigid containers on a packaging line.

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