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Change parts, commonly known as stars and guides, are an essential part of many lines.

We offer two styles of change parts: Quick Change Parts and OEM-Style Retrofitted Stars and Guides.

Our expert change parts engineers will measure your system to retrofit or design new change parts that allow you to run multiple container sizes and perform the necessary operations of your line, easier. Morrison quick change parts are custom designed to meet your unique needs.

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What style change parts do you offer?

Whatever works best for your production!

For all new Change Parts orders, we will come and measure your machine so we can recreate parts that are designed precisely for you. By doing this, we account for every fraction of a difference in the man-made machine, which means the parts are more likely to handle optimally and protect your containers. Then, we will send along a service technician with your initial order to install the parts and make any modifications as needed. This technician will support you for the initial start up and run of the new parts.

You can select from two different styles of change parts.

Quick Change Parts

These parts are designed to upgrade your existing parts for tool-less changeover. These parts will mount to Morrison supplied core plates for faster and lighter changeovers. Often with this update, changeovers can go from hours to minutes!

OEM Style Parts

We can also retrofit parts to your existing machine in a non-destructive manner. These parts utilize current mounting locations and can fit new or existing container sizes. The OEM style parts can be improved for any handling issues you’re experiencing in the original set up.

Let us focus on YOUR UP TIME

Parts designed for New and Existing Machinery.

We facilitate fast and easy changeovers, designing parts for the following machines:

  1. Rinsers
  2. Fillers
  3. Cappers
  4. Corkers
  5. Capsulators
  6. Transfer Screws
  7. Dividing
  8. Orienting

Morrison has the knowledge and the expertise to get the job done quickly and get it done right — the first time. Our goal is to keep your packaging line up and running, maximizing your production rate and reducing costly downtime.

Enjoy greater flexibility and control.

Morrison designs products to fit your application, no matter how complex or unique. Our line of change parts features a flexible starwheel design to perform specific functions as needed. Tightly-engineered designs provide effective container and bottle control for the most delicate operations, including labeling, filling, and capping applications. For maximum versatility, our change parts can be incorporated into new equipment or applied to upgrade existing machinery.

Customized and colorized designs make changes easy.

Morrison makes changeovers fast and easy. Our change parts are designed in different colors to smoothly integrate with your packaging line and the products that run on it. Custom colors are available, inquire within

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